The Brightest Burn

For Maia,


My friends are


I wonder how

they keep burning–


in winter

in the desert

at night

without kindling

without care for the universe

telling them to dull.


Maybe, when God

or chance

created the matter

that I would love,

She said to hell with the universe–

let it burn.


And isn’t it beautiful

that we can all stand together

to watch it go?


-Lu Terlikowski


  1. This is gorgeous. I’ve read it four times. What a lovely, moving ode to a friend. I often feel this way, admiring of my friends (and strangers, really) who seem to blaze through life without mental health the ever-present cloud. x

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      1. Listen to Kaiya, Lu. I had not realized you eulogized, so I went back to the top and read “For Maia.” Emotion and honor ripped raw from the soul and perhaps a bit of eulogy for the universe, too? Lu, keep trying – and should you continue to consider such “a failure,” we and the rest of the universe will chalk it up to ongoing strides toward self-excellence. Your closeness shames both games named horseshoes and grenades. Makes me want to read more.


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